Woodlands Lifestyle Estate was established in 2000 by Attebury Property. It was the first estate in South Africa to encorporate popular lifestyle trends of the time, including:

  • Health & fitness
  • Living close to nature
  • High-level security
  • Information technology

Living features

Health & fitness

Within 6 minutes walking distance of any home in the estate is the fitness centre. The fitness centre consists of a fully equipped gym, squash court, tennis court, 20 meter 3 lane training pool, kiddies pool, beach volleyball court and fitness experts on hand for advice.


The entire estate is built arouind walkways and gardens maintained by the estate, with the central feature of the community green. The green often fetaures informal spots games between parents and children. 


The estate is secured by an electrified patrolled perimeter fence, and access control. Very few incidents have been reported over the last 10 years and Woodlands is proud to be a secure community.

Information technology

Woodlands was the first estate in South Africa to offer 'connected' living. At the start of the design of the estate, a combination of copper & fibre connections to each house was planned and accomodated. All houses in Woodlands have an internet connection managed by Woodlands IT. 

History in Pictures

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Arial photgraphs of the estate, August 2001

House construction in 2001

Nearing completion, 2003